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Who is Finalmente Global?

Finalmente Global (Pty) Ltd is A Company registered in South Africa, to assist investors in acquiring sustainable passive income through generating and creating secure platforms.

With all the online fraudsters, a unanimous decision was made by three investors, who came to a point where it became simply intolerable.

It was decided that in depth research was needed to create something sustainable, in providing themselves with a passive income, non the less this was done very successful.

The conclusion was reached where the viability of this model, worked so good for them, that it will work equally as good for the public as well.

Finalmente Global was born with “Finalmente” translated to English means finally.

How old is the company?

Finalmente Global was registered officially in July 2019. 

However the founders have been actively and vigorously testing various methods, systems and platforms for almost 3 months prior to registering the business.