How It Works

The Platform Explained

Finalmente Global has an easy to understand system.  Our members would Lend their bitcoin to us. 

Every night our platform takes all the funds received for the day and transfers it to our Hot Wallet. 

These funds are then used the next day to purchase various income generating platforms, including digital advertising spaces. 

These are done by our team daily (real people) and once a week the funds generated by these platforms are transferred back to the Hot Wallet or Re-used, depending which option members chose. 

Our members’ ROL (Return on Lending) is generated from these online activities which include online marketing, revenue sharing and online advertising.


To join our platform is a simple process


Register on our platform online, it takes less than a minute and is a simple one page process.


Click on the link sent by e-mail, to verify your e-mail account is real.


Sign-in to your account and go update all your details in the back office.


Once registered on our platform, you select to make a deposit to your Finalmente Global account. 

You send the bitcoin to the address displayed to you from within your account. 

Kindly note this address is valid for that one particular transaction only.



We will never send an SMS or WhatsApp message with our bitcoin addresses to you. 

We will also never send you any banking details to make any kind of payments into. 

Our platform will always provide a bitcoin address once you select to make a deposit online.


We only deal in Bitcoin.

Once your Bitcoin is cleared in the Blockchain by verifications,

The plan you chose will be activated automatically. 


Your Lending is now made! 

Once your lending is made, you will receive an email that your lending has been received. 

You then wait for the total amount of days stated in the plan you selected and receive your ROL on the day and time as stipulated on our website. 

Check back after the period has expired, or as many times as you like. 

You can view your lending(s) in your account and follow it each day. 

You will also receive an email that your lending has been completed.

You can decide if you want to withdraw the weekly/monthly profit or lend the entire amount again, into the plan you prefer. 

We can never guarantee profit/earnings, but we have been consistently successful in offering a return of up to 10% per week. 

Sometimes even slightly more on the higher plans.


For more information and instructions on any of the above processes, please visit our Video Centre.



The Plans and Options


Members can lend up to the maximum of ₿5.0, depending on the plan you decide to purchase,

through the platform’s standard options. 

Higher amounts are possible but are to be discussed with Management. 

Below is a description of each plan layout, as available on the platform:


Uno Starter 
 Minimum Plan  ₿0.001
 Maximum Plan  ₿0.0025
 Increment  ₿0.000001
 Growth up to  4.25% Hourly
 Duration  1 day
 Maximum Growth  101.04%
 Principal Returned  NO
 Total Upon Maturity  101.04%
 Repurchase Contribution  0.00%
 Max TOTAL Plan*  ₿0.0025


Uno Classic
 Minimum Plan  ₿0.001
 Maximum Plan  ₿0.999
 Increment  ₿0.000001
 Growth up to  110.00% Weekly
 Duration  7 days
 Maximum Growth  110.00%
 Principal Returned  NO
 Total Upon Maturity  110.00%
 Repurchase Contribution  90.00%
 Max ACTIVE Plan**  ₿0.999


Due Novice 
 Minimum Plan  ₿0.015
 Maximum Plan  ₿0.5
 Increment  ₿0.000001
 Growth up to  110.60% Weekly
 Duration  7 days
 Maximum Growth  110.60%
 Principal Returned  NO
 Total Upon Maturity  110.60%
 Repurchase Contribution  90.00%
 Max ACTIVE Plan**  ₿0.5


Tre Business 
 Minimum Plan  ₿0.035
 Maximum Plan  ₿1.0
 Increment  ₿0.000001
 Growth up to  60.85% Weekly
 Duration  14 days
 Maximum Growth  121.70%
 Principal Returned  NO
 Total Upon Maturity  121.70%
 Repurchase Contribution  82.50%
 Max ACTIVE Plan**  ₿1.0


Quattro Pro 
 Minimum Plan  ₿0.75
 Maximum Plan  ₿2.0
 Increment  ₿0.000001
 Growth up to  36.85% Weekly
 Duration  28 days
 Maximum Growth  147.40%
 Principal Returned  NO
 Total Upon Maturity  147.40%
 Repurchase Contribution  67.80%
 Max ACTIVE Plan**  ₿2.0


Cinque X 
 Minimum Plan  ₿1.5
 Maximum Plan  ₿2.0
 Increment  ₿0.1
 Growth up to  111.85% Weekly
 Duration  7 days
 Maximum Growth  111.85%
 Principal Returned  NO
 Total Upon Maturity  111.85%
 Repurchase Contribution  88.15%
 Max ACTIVE Plan**  ₿2.0


Sei Lungo (Long Term) 
 Minimum Plan  ₿0.0004
 Maximum Plan  ₿5.0
 Increment  ₿0.000001
 Growth up to  65.35% Monthly
 Duration  90 days
 Maximum Growth  196.05%
 Principal Returned  NO
 Total Upon Maturity  196.05%
 Repurchase Contribution  50.0%
 Max ACTIVE Plan**  ₿5.0


Sei Lungo Explained

The difference between Max ACTIVE Plan and Max TOTAL Plan is explained as follows: 

*Once Max TOTAL plan is reached, this plan is no longer available to a member. 

**Max ACTIVE Plan is a different setting where a member could have multiple plans of that kind, up to the Maximum as per that plan's setting is reached.

Once a plan with a Max Active Setting matured, the member is allowed to repurchase the same plan again for another cycle, up to the point where it reaches the Max ACTIVE Plan limit again.


Become a Lender 

Earning Methods and Possibilities

There are various methods how a member could earn in income from our platform:


1.  Become a Lender

When you become a lender, you automatically earn according to the plan you have selected. 

There is a plan for each budget. Earnings could be daily, weekly or monthly.  You Choose!


2. Referral Structure

If you have no Funds to start, you can still register and promote our platform. 

We pay referral commission, which is 100% withdrawable on 2 Levels. 

Level 1 will earn you 2% of each deposit in bitcoin made by your referral.

Level 2 will earn you an additional 1% for each of your referrals’ down-line members for each deposit made by them.

Referral Pic



3. Promotions and Competitions

Competition Time Image

From time to time, there will be exclusive offers, promotions and competitions offered to our members where the can earn for just doing simple tasks, like participate in a vote online. 

These will be announced and to participate is not compulsory, but be rest assured, no one can resist the occasional bonus or promotion coming their way!


Downloads and Tools: 


Download Official Presentations:

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