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Introduction Presentation Video - About Finalmente Global


How to Register for Zoom



Latest Zoom Webinar 5 Oct 2020


HOW TO Video Section:

How to Deposit Using Luno 


How to Purchase Advertising Plan


How to Setup 2FA (Two Factor Authenticator)



How to Setup 2FA on Mobile Devices



Introduction to Navigate on Site (New Video coming soon!)


How-To change your password


How-To Change Secret Question and Password


How-To Navigate in Back Office


How-To Lend - Plans Explained


How-To Withdraw



Lending Plans Explained

Sei Lungo Plan Explained



Videos in Other Languages:



Introductie Presentatievideo - Over Finalmente Global


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Legacy Video (Blast from the past)

PLEASE NOTE!! This is a very old video and not relevant or applicable! 

We only published it here to showcase our first website: